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Check out what our clients say:

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Mrs Ng (Buyer)'s review for Ruth Lim (Serangoon Garden Landed – Braemar Dr Buyer)

Ruth and Dick are very attentive to my property search needs. They go beyond the pigeonhole approach to encourage me to look at this house in a location that I had prejudice from decades ago. The neighborhood has upgraded and the house meet my expectation. They helped to narrow the price difference between seller and myself so that we could reach a mutually acceptable position.

5 Star Overall.png
Michael Ho Ruth Lim.jpg

Michael Ho (Buyer)'s review for Ruth Lim (Serangoon Garden Landed - Cardiff Grove Buyer/ Kovan Residence Seller)

Ruth has been very helpful and her service in following up is top-notch! We sold our condo and bought a house through her recommendations and resourcefulness. She helped to liaise between us and developers of the new property to make sure all the handover procedure are done smoothly. We had experiences with different agents before and our (my wife and I) impression of Ruth (and her partner, Dick) have been the best. 
From the way they present themselves to potential buyers of our condo, to the way they handle our queries of the new house, we have been very pleased and comfortable with them.

5 Star Overall.png
Yang Chen (Ruth Lim).jpg

Yang Chen (Landlord)'s review for Ruth Lim (La Brisa Condo Landlord)

I have been a landlord for many years. Ruth Lim by far is the best agent.

5 Star Overall.png
Patricia Ng Dick Tan.jpg

Patricia Ng (Buyer)'s review for Dick Tan (Serangoon Garden Landed - Marlene Avenue Seller)

Dick has always been very responsive and efficient. I trust him on his recommendations as his proposals are sincere to the client’s benefit. He doesn’t pressure but instead gives his clients useful unbiased information that allows them to weigh options objectively and make informed decisions. Dick also goes out of his way to go the extra mile for clients. More importantly, he delivers results quickly. He is one of the few real estate agents that I will trust and recommend to anyone interested in real estate services.

5 Star Overall.png
Lily Chee Dick Tan.jpg

Lily Chee (Buyer)'s review for Dick Tan (Seletar Hill Landed Estate – Jalan Selaseh Landed Seller)

Dick is always humble and cheerful. He goes all out to help even when there is no monetary benefit for him. This is a rare trait from sad experiences, having dealt with many successful agents whom only are interested in their own gains.
Dick applied his experience and initiatives in sealing the deal for us that is commendable. I will recommend him. His service is excellent.

5 Star Overall.png
Ben and Wife Dick Tan.jpg

Ben (Buyer)'s review for Dick Tan (Seletar Hill Landed Estate – Jalan Selaseh Seller/ Nim Drive buyer)

Dick Tan was really helpful and followed up closely with us. We needed to sell our existing property in order to purchase our dream home and Dick/Ruth’s hard work over weekends helped tremendously.

5 Star Overall.png
Michael Ho Dick Tan.jpg

Michael Ho (Buyer)'s review for Dick Tan (Serangoon Garden Landed - Cardiff Grove Buyer/ Kovan Residence Seller)

Dick had handled the sales of my condo, and purchase of our new house. We are very comfortable with his attitude and pleasant personality. Its like an old friend have small chats. But at the same time, his confidence and charisma had been the reassuring factor that having him (and his partner Ruth) as our representing agent is the best choice we made. 
Till today, Dick is the go-to person if I have any queries on property issues and they will be the team I highly recommend for my friends if they are looking for properties.

5 Star Overall.png
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